Sword of Despot Stefan awarded to Novak Djoković

Фото: Краљевски Ред Витезова

This year on 08.06. Novak Djoković was presented with the prestigious award „Golden Knight – Saint Despot Stefan of Serbia“, at the official Salvation day award ceremony of the Knight Fest festival, in organisation of The Royal Order Of Knights. The sword for industrial achievements was awarded to Dragan Simović.

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Knight Fest 2016: “Dragon, symbol of light”

Pedja Todorović, artist and master of wall painting held a lecture “Dragon, simbol of light“ at this years Knight Fest.

“I read a book caled ’’The Witches’ Sabath’’ a long time ago in 1995. and that is the firt time I have encountered the Serbian mythology, and I was mostly intrigued by the caracter of the dragon. Since then I have started to learn and investigate about dragons, not just as anthropomorphic beings, but as well as dragon heroes who are a big part of our history and our past.“ Stated Mr. Todorović.

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Culture and nurture of Cirilic letter

Photo: The Royal Order of Knights

Publicist Dušan Todorović held a presentation ’’Culture of Cirilic letter’’ at this years Knight Festival.

Since his early childhood Mr. Todorović was interested in the written word and the cirilic letter.

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